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We're rehearsing/recording/procreating/propagating. No time for gigs til next year.

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Every mother is a teacher and every father is a preacher...from forth the loins of these two professions, a quartet of star-crossed musicians take their life...spread up and down the east coast of Scotland like marmite...(where we lay our scene)...before, we rattled around up in the sandstone and granite eaves of Scottish churches...ebbing and flowing on ecclesiastic elastic...each one of us broke on the shore of The Scottish Enlightenment in successive waves...the David's were crushed together upstairs in O'Neils in freshers' week, Aberdeen, 1998...David had Angus by the genes but he hit the road in 2002 to preach the gospel...Michael pulled up in a battered Renault Clio in the precipitous slope of Buffies Brae, number 25, Dunfermline, 2005, as the cold of winter lost its white knuckled grip on the year...and everything started to grow again...Angus appeared at the door in 2007 ready to hang up his traveling cloak for a few years...thus The Scottish Enlightenment...

We knocked on the door of the room here, but you can sleep in the cow shed at the back...and in the byre, amongst the lowing cattle The Scottish Enlightenment found (and re-found) friends in the Moojuice Records 2006 Volo Ut Sis 2007 Eyes EP...then as the bovine lowing quietened and faded, the flames of Rome spread to the byre and in the distance, a violin...The Scottish Enlightenment followed the sound like the children of Hameln...and found a home at Armellodie Records...and now in 2010 we have the table laid, the teapot filled, the battenburg cake cut....and we wait for the arrival...of St Thomas.


Our videos are also on Vimeo and Youtube


The Soft Place

Recorded at rehearsal, may 2008.



Promo Video for Eyes single (2007)



A Danse Macabracadabra (2009)



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